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Used Items for sale or trade:   Audio Tapes, Books, Limited Edition, Lecture Notes, and Videos
All of my items are originals and not copies. Just call me @ 415-668-6531 and ask for Daniel

Audio Tapes

Charles Green III - The Restaurant Magic Business
Lee Earle - Money Making Mentalism
Michael Ammar - Negotiating Higher Performance Fees
Michael Ammar - Making Magic Memorable
Tony Clark - Secrets of Winning


25 Tricks With Linking Rings - VHS
25 Tricks With Sponge Balls - VHS
A-1 All Stars Volume 3
A-1 Convention at the Capitol 1999
A-1 Convention at the Capitol: Live 2001
A-1 Greatest Hits
Alain Nu - CLOSE-UP SKETCHES Autographed!
Aldo Colombini - Classics of Magic
Aldo Colombini - Lasting Impressions Volumes 1-4
Allan Ackerman - Palming
Allan Ackerman - The Las Vegas Card Expert
Amazing Jonathan - Live
Amore - Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed
André Kole - Illusion and Reality
André Kole - Miracles or Deception?
Banacheck - Psycho Kinetic Silverware
Bill Malone's - Sam the Bellhop
Bob Kohler - The Golden Shells
Bob Miller - The Relentless Ring and String Routine
Brian Tudor - Show Off
Chad Long - Magic Video
Chad Long - The New Chad Long Video Tape
Charlie Frye - Eccentricks - Adventures in Sleight of Hand, Juggling, and Physical Comedy
Creative Magic You Can Do Volumes 4,5,6,7,8,9
Curtis Kam - Palms of Steel
Dai Vernon - Revelations 11&12
Dai Vernon - Revelations Volume 4, PRGM 48
Dai Vernon - Revelations Volume 8, PRGM 52
Dan Harlan - All Purpose Show
Dan Harlan - The Close-Up Magic of Dan Harlan, Volume 2
Dan Harlan - All Purpose Show
Dan Harlan - Mentalism Show
Darwin Ortiz - At the Card Table Volume 1
Darwin Ortiz - Back at the Card Table Volume 2
Darwin Ortiz- Card Shark Vol, 1
Daryl - Encyclopedia of Card Sleights Volume 5
Daryl - Daryl does the full monte! The real secrets behind the 3-card monte
Daryl - Daryl's Card Revelations Vol, 1
David Regal, Vol, 1, 2, & 3
David Roth - Expert Coin Magic Video, Volume 1
David Williamson - Dave 2 More Magic & Laughs
Diamond Jim Tyler - Pocket Full of Miracles Vol 1 & 2
Doc Eason - Bar Magic, Volumes 1, 2, & 3 Autographed!
Eddie Tullock- The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic
Edward Marlo - The Legend Volume 2
Egg Bag - The Greater Magic Video Library
Eric Reamer Live - Life or Death!
Finn Jon - Stage Magic
Fleshman Dan - Close-up Linking Ring
Fleshman Dan - Magic on Video
Francis Tabary - The Rope Act Volume 1
Gene Anderson - Torn and Restored Newspaper
Gregory Wilson - Card Stunts
Gregory Wilson - Ring Leader
Hank Lee - Cape Cod Magic Conclave Video
Harkey - On Video Volume 1
Jack Carpenter - The Magic of Jack Carpenter, Vol 1 & 2
Jay Leslie - Strait Jacket Video
Jay Scott Berry - Mist Magic
Jeff Hobson- Live
Jeff Mc Bride - World Manipulation 1
Jeff McBride: The Art of Card Manipulation Volumes 1, 2, & 3 Autographed!
Joannie Spinna - Get Your Act Together Volumes 1, 2, & 3
John Carney - Classic Carney
Kevin James - Lecture Video
Lee Asher - Well Done
Magic Party Video (Children's Video)
Marc De Souza's - The Chan Gang
Mark Mason - Real World Magic #1
Mark Raffles - The Pickpocket Secrets of Mark Raffles
Martin Nash - Beyond Volume 2
Martin Nash - Infinity Volume 1
Mehdi Talbi - The Cabaret Act
Michael Ammar's Classic Renditions Volume 3
Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Thread Miracles Vol 3
Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Money Miracles Volume 1, 2 & 3
Michael Ammar's Ice Breakers
Michael Ammar's: Easy to Master Card Miracles Volumes 1, 2, 3, & 5
Michael Close Signature Effects
Michael Jeffrey - Flirting with Magic
Michael P. Lair - "Candles" Autographed!
Michael P. Lair - "Coins" Autographed!
Michael Skinner - Professional Close Up Volumes 1
Monty - Rose Magic
Patrik Kuffs - Metal Bending - The Real Work
Paul Gertner - Steel and Silver - Volume 3
Paul Harris - Stars of Magic #5
Paul Harris - The Art of Astonishment Volume 1
Paul Wilson - Knock'em Dead
Paul Wilson- The Restraunt Act
Pavel- Pavel's Cabaret Ropes
Perry Maynard - Lite Flite
Phil Cass - The Phil Cass Video - Pea and Shell Game
Ramon Galindo - A Bird in Hand Parakeet Magic Vol 1 & 2 Autographed!
Ray Grismer - R.R.R.R. - Ray's Ring and Rope Routines Ray Kosby - Impossible Card Magic
Rich Marotta- The comedy Magic of Rich Marotta, Vol 1, 2, & 3
Richard Kaufman: Basic Card Technique
Rocco - I.M.S.'s Best of the Best #10
Rocco - I.M.S.'s Best of the Best #8 Coin Magic
Rocco - I.M.S.'s Best of the Best #9 Card Magic
Rocco - I.M.S.'s The Art of Sleeving Vol 27
Rocco - I.M.S.'s Tribute to Slydini Vol 28
Roger Klause - Encore Performance, Volume 2
Samual Smith - The Magic Ingredient (Children's Video)
Secret Sessions - Featuring 30 Different Performers
Secret Sessions #1 & 3
Shimada - The Art of Manipulation
Simon Lovell- How to Swim with the Card Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive!, The art of cheating at cards Vol 1 & 2
Tim Wright - The Zombie
Todd Strong - Dice Stacking Video
Tony Clark - Act Development Video
Tony Clark - Behind the Seams
Tony Clark - Paper Balls Over the Head
Tony Clark - Unmasked Dove Video
Victor and Diamond - The Dove Lecture
Watch Bandit- The Ultimate Watch Steal
Whit Haydn - Comedy 4 Ring Routine
Whit Haydn & Chef Anton - Fast and Loose
Wilson, Mark - Business Card Magic


101 Easy to do Magic Tricks, by Bill Tarr
All the Secrets of Magic Revealed
Ah-Ha!, by David Harkey & Eric Anderson
Basic Balloon twisting Book: Monkeys Puppies and Bears
Captain Visual's Big Book of Balloons
Captain Visual's First Book
Card Manipulations, Huggard
Chef Anton - The Pool Hustler's Handbook Autographed!
David Roth's - Expert Coin Magic Book Autographed!
Eddie Joseph - How to Pick Pockets 2nd Edition
Eddie Joseph - How to Pick Pockets for Fun and Profit
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Encyclopedia of Dove Magic - Marian Chavez
Face Painting: Clowns, Monsters, Butterflies…
Finger Pinwheel Book
J.B. Bobo Modern Coin Magic
Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pickpocketing
Jim Steinmeyer Two Lectures on Theatrical Illusions
Keeping Carnies Honest - A Police Officer's Field Guide to Carnival Game Inspections
Klutz Magic
Magic for Dummies
Magic of Micheal Ammar Autographed!
Magic Show Book by Mark Setteducati Autographed!
Magic Tricks, Science Facts
Magic: Stage Illusions, Special Effects and Trick Photography
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic Autographed! by both Mark and Nani
Michael Rappa - Entertaining on Cruise Ships
Now you see it, now you don't, by Bill Tarr
Jerry MacGregor - Real World Magic
Restraunt Worker's Handbook
Richard Kaufman - Coin Magic Autographed! by David Roth
Roger Klause in Concert
Satori - Making Contact: The Real Secrets of Contact Mindreading
Simply Harkey
Sleight of Mouth
Scarne on Card Tricks
Tarbell's Course in Magic Volume 1 & 2
The Complete Juggler
The Gospel in Grease Paint
The Usborne Complete Book of Magic
Worlds Best Card Tricks

Limited Edition
Andrew Mayne - Illusionbook #220 of 1000
Allan Ackerman - Las Vegas Kardma - Deluxe Collector's Edition #87 of 125
David Deval - Cell Escapes Limited Edition #104 of 1000
Paul Harris - The Art of Astonishment - Deluxe Collector's Edition #80 or 200

Lecture Notes
Alain Nu - Mind Over Matter Autographed!
Alain Nu - Nu Discoveries Autographed!
Alain Nu - The Bizarre Magic of Alain Nu
Apollo - Apollo 2001 Autographed!
Carl Cloutier - The 3rd Wave Lecture Notes
Carl Cloutier - Magician Lecture Notes
Chad Long - The Lost Chessy Notebooks Vol 1 & 2 Autographed!
Chad Long - More Stuff & Some Other Stuff Autographed!
David Dee - Maximum Profits and Shows with Minimum Time and Effort
David Regal - Tricks, a collection of old and new
Dean Dill - Johnny Carson's Favorite Card Trick Autographed!
Doc Eason and Paul W. Cummins - Fusillade Autographed!
Gary Darwin - Close-Up Miracles Autographed!
Gregory Wilson - The Art of Stealing Watches Autographed!
Howard Hale - Showmanship, Misdirection and Routining Autographed!
Jack Carpenter - The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
Jonathan Pendragon - The Essence of an Illusion Autographed!
Jonathan Pendragon - The Ancient and Once Lost But Now Found Writings On The Theory And Practice of Legerdemain, Magic and Related Stuff Autographed!
Kostya Kimlat - The Joker Game
Lance Burton - Advice Autographed!
Martin Lewis - 2001 Lecture Notes
Rocco - Triple Your Money
Tony Clark - Act Development Book
Whit Haydn & Chef Anton - Fast and Loose Autographed!
Whit Haydn & Chef Anton - Three-Card Monte Autographed!
Whit Haydn - Street Magic

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