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"Effective marketing through Tradeshows"

What can Dan do for you? Increase traffic
Develop Qualified leads
Gain maximum attention
Deliver your message. 

Why Choose Dan?

Dan dedicates himself to understanding your business and market because he's in it for the long haul. His goals? To help you build and maintain a strong brand, achieve buzz at your tradeshow, and capture market share. His magical marketing efforts are extremely aggressive. Dan is a powerful corporate spokesman. He does whatever it takes to put your company's products and services right in front of your target audience. 

Dan researches the strengths of the client he serves. Your marketing literature, product and service information, and technical documentation are reviewed. A comprehensive list of your strengths, ideas, and achievements are structured into a unique, engaging and energetic presentation. Dan then develops an integrated presentation that captivates and informs the audience and dramatically delivers your corporate message with clarity. Dan's presentations create strong, memorable impressions of your products and services at trade shows and corporate events. He will attract massive crowds. The media attention he generates for the companies he represents lasts long after the event is over.

With up to thousands of exhibitors at a trade show, how is your company going to stand out from the competition? How are you going to reach the maximum number of people, educate them, and leave them with a lasting, positive impression? If you have ever been to a trade show, you know that many of the other company's sales representatives are usually standing around chatting with each other. But if you've ever been in a trade show with Magic Dan there, you'll see even the competitors watching Dan's performance. What do you want your reps doing at your next trade show?

This is the ideal way to add a live demonstration to any trade show exhibit. Dan customizes each magical performance by incorporating his client's products and services into his show. Dan integrates your products, benefits and features into custom designed presentation that will captivate and entertain the most intelligent executives through proven marketing techniques.

Each Presentation lasts approximately three to ten minutes and may be repeated several times each hour. This allows Dan to draw a massive crowd, while allowing your sales staff enough time in between demonstrations to answer more detailed questions from your leads after each magical presentation. Besides being an excellent magician, Daniel is also an excellent representative of your company preserving your corporate image. Daniel Chan is your magical marketing solution!

Here what you can expect:

Stopped traffic in front of your company display
Customers repeating the name of the product during the demonstration
Customers oriented with your product's key features

For booking information please contact:

Daniel Chan
547 17th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94121-3106
H: (415)668-6531
Cell: (415)244-2700


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