Balloon Entertainment

By Dan the Balloon Man

I'm a balloon "artist" with a constantly growing repertoire of balloon creations (everything from standard animals to wacky balloon hats, and even life size creations) and have experience in working at a street fairs, corporate events, and birthday parties.

How I can serve you:

  • When clients are waiting to be seated, waiting for their meal to be served, or waiting for their check to be brought, a balloon artist provides them with entertainment to pass the time, whether or not the artist is at their table.
  • A delightful distraction, balloon entertainment keeps your diners entertained and seated, instead of clogging your aisles. The dining experience becomes easier for everyone, gratuities increase w/ customer satisfaction, plus new and repeat business will skyrocket!
  • When thinking of a restaurant to bring a large "party" of people, to celebrate recent or upcoming events, people often pick the restaurant with the fun environment and those "crazy balloon hats" to add to the festivities.
  • Obviously, its a wonderful source of entertainment for the kids and surprisingly enough, for the adults as well.
  • Weekly "Family Nights" are especially good times to bring in a "twister."

My Guarantees:

  • I can tell when I'm not wanted at a table and will very quickly and gracefully make an exit.
  • I'm always prompt and well-groomed.
  • I'll always give priority to the needs of the wait staff and endeavor to make their jobs easier.
  • A constant patter of conversation is also part of the act, designed to entertain and breed a comfortable environment between my audience and myself.

Flexible Terms:

  • Hourly wages and occasional tips- With an hourly wage from the restaurant, I can avoid any solicitation for tips and concentrate only on enhancing the dining experience of your customers. I will accept tips if offered, but will never solicit them.
  • Tips only- As an alternative to a wage from the restaurant, I can work for tips only. I would wear a pin stating "I work for tips" as the only solicitation. This arrangement can also be used on a trial basis as you evaluate my skill and professionalism and my benefit to your business. Give me a try at no risk!

For booking information please contact:

Daniel Chan
Cell: (415)244-2700


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