"School Shows"

Self-esteem, anti-drug, safety, reading, nutrition

A powerful teaching tool!

This program in the combination of magic and a message is a great show for you school to offer. All shows are high-energy, full of audience participation, packed with laughs, and always 100% clean! My show includes live doves in a "Las Vegas" style dove act. At the end of the show children can pet the live doves!

My performances are captivating and are filled with positive messages that enhance and reinforce reading and hard work. This is a high quality program within your budget. You want a program that’s entertaining and has genuine educational value. I use the art of magic to grab the children's attention then talks with them about a variety of motivational topics: "Say No" to drugs, set goals, you can do anything you put your mind to and more -- all while enjoying an entertaining magic show! I don't sell just a magic show, I sell a message you need; self-esteem, anti-drug, safety, reading awareness etc. Schools are in the business of providing information and I can provide valuable information to your school in the form of a magic show. Yes, kids pay attention to magic! Of course, if they pay attention to magic, that means they pay attention to the magician. And if that magician has an important message and is a strong communicator (not just a performer of tricks), then you have a very powerful teaching tool. During my show, I talk about how hard work and practice can help you achieve anything. I also stress the importance of “The Three P’s: Practice, Patience, and Perseverance” and “The four D’s: Desire, Determination, Discipline, and Diet”. I also offer separate teaching clinics in juggling, magic and balloon sculpture.

Here what you can expect:


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